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Our Goal At WillyGoat is to make shopping as easy and seamless as possible while at the same time providing our customers with an assurance that they are receiving the best price, service, and security available.

WillyGoat, Inc.
PO Box 748
Theodore, AL  36590
Phone Orders: 888.920.GOAT MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM To 530PM CST

Phone Customer Service: 888.920.4628 (Toll Free) or 251.338.0103 8AM To 5PM CST MONDAY-FRIDAY

Site Email: info@willygoat.com
Order Tracking Email: shipping@willygoat.com

WillyGoat, Inc. is a corporation in the state of Alabama.

WillyGoat, Inc is a small business. By shopping with WillyGoat you are supporting small business and the idea that small businesses can make it in America. WillyGoat has been in operation since 2000 and is the largest non-big box stocking swing set retailer in the US operating out of our company owned 31000 square foot facility. Stocking swing sets means we ship out the same day you order, instead of waiting weeks or months somewhere else.

At WillyGoat we provide superior customer service to accomodate your needs, order shipment information through email and on our site so you can track your packages and prepare for when they arrive, and knowledgeable product support and email responses same day in most cases.

We want you to be comfortable ordering online. If you have any questions or need more information email us at info@willygoat.com.

WillyGoat, Inc. is devoted to maintaining a secure and private shopping environment. The checkout area of WillyGoat uses SSL security to ensure your credit information is never sent over the Internet unencrypted. SSL encryption technology ensures that your transaction information is sent safely to our warehouse. You can determine if a page is SSL Encrypted by whether or not a lock icon is displayed on the lower portion of your screen. Sometimes, unfortunately, browsers do not display the lock icon. To verify that a frame is SSL encrypted, right click within the page and select properties. This will tell you whether or not you are currently in a secure environment. Many consumers do not realize that security protocols and technologies currently exist to protect them. The majority of reported credit card fraud over the internet has involved people who email their card numbers to a merchant or web sites that accept credit cards without using any security protocols. These potentially dangerous business transaction methods are not used at WillyGoat.Com So, enjoy shopping at WillyGoat.Com and if you have any questions, please let us know any time.

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